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Life’s a musical, but none of the people who use the cliche realize the power of that statement. Each person has within them the power of Rock, the power to inspire or demoralize others with their music. The entire populace of Blackpool Basin has polished the art of the Bard, the Minstrel, the Rockstar. This expertise has been misused by some and taken out of their sacred land. These poppy blasphemers must be stopped at all cost.

Will you follow the Good Path, impressing people with your technical mastery?

Or will you instead follow the Awesome Path, winning onlookers over with your personality and sheer Rock essence?

This rules of this campaign have a twist: as you level your class, you gain spells (not skills points, Hit Dice, etc.) as a bard when using your instrument of choice. Perform is also a class skill for all players. One would assume this to unbalance the game, but keep in mind that this is a universal trait. Have you ever considered what Leonidas could do if he shredded magical guitar?

Grogslosh's Rocktastic Adventure Supreme

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