Alkor's Weapons

The Weapons of the deadly Drow Duskblade

weapon (melee)

lkor’s Weapons:

These are the weapons possessed, and used by Alkor.

A pair of magical Mithral Scimitars of Drow Craft are Alkor’s primary weapons.

Main-Hand: +1 Mithral Scimitar

  • Crystal of Return, Lesser: Draw as Swift action, return to hand from 30ft as move action.
  • Whirling Enchantment:
    3 times per day, make a single attack roll as a full round action, this attack targets all enemies you threaten with that weapon.
  • Shadowstrike Property:
    1 time per day, activation swift mental, for a single attack roll increase your reach by 5ft and targets lose their Dexterity bonus to AC for the attack.

Off-Hand: +1 Mithral Scimitar

  • Crystal of Return, Lesser:
    Draw as Swift action, return to hand from 30ft as move action.
  • Bloodfeeding Enchantment:
    Whenever this weapons strikes a living creature, you gain 1 Blood Point. This weapon can store up to 10 Blood Points. When you deal damage with this weapon, you can spend up to 5 Blood Points as a free action to deal an extra 2 points of damage per Blood Point used in this way.

Secondary Weapons

  • His secondary weapons are a pair of Elven Kukri that are hidden under his cloak, sheathed on his lower back. The right Kukri is made of Steel and treated with Alchemical Silver, while the left Kukri is made of Cold Iron.
  • A Drow hand-crossbow hangs from his belt. A deadly weapon when paired with Drow Poison.

Other Magical Items

  • Ring of Darkhidden:
    This ring makes the wearer invisible to darkvision.
  • Amulet of Natural Armor
    +1 Natural Armor
  • Dimension Stride Boots
    As a standard action, the wearer of these boots may teleport a short distance. The charges renew each day at dawn. Wearer receives +2 to jump checks.
    | 1 charge: 20ft | 3 charges: 40ft | 5 charges: 60ft |
  • Shadow Cloak
    +1 deflect bonus to AC. If wearer is attacked, as an immediate mental action may either gain concealment for 1 round or teleport 10ft. Three times per day.
  • Healing Belt
    Standard Action, +2 on heal checks, charges renew at dawn.
    | 1 charge: heal 2d8 | 2 charges: heal 3d8 | 3 charges: heal 4d8 |
  • Gloves of the Balanced Hand
    These gloves grant you the Improved Two Weapon Fighting Feat.
  • +1 Mithralmist Shirt
    Mobility: This armor grants you the mobility feat
    Crystal of Alacrity: + 5ft speed
    Mist: Swift mental, 7 times per day create mist in your square. Grants concealment but does not hamper vision. Stays in that square, lasts for 1 minute.

Some of Alkor’s weapons were crafted in the Elven city of his childhood, while others were taken from Drow he was forced to fight when he visited the Dark Elf city of his birth. He favors two weapon fighting and is a master of blades. The rest of his equipment was gained on his adventures after leaving Celesnia.

Alkor's Weapons

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