Tolsimir Wolfblood

Middle aged elven druid. Blonde hair flows behind this thin but muscular elf. Bright blue wild eyes and fair skin.


Epic Druid, One of the legendary heroes of the Battle of the Draco-Lich Queen, Elder Wolf Rider of the great elven forest metropolis of Celesnia, Companion to the mighty winter wolf Dakota, Lord of all Wolves, bane to those who would harm the great all mother, The White Wolf, The Fangs of the Frostfell, guardian of the forest. Tolsimir Wolfblood is known by many titles. He wears elven wooden armor. His life long companion Dakota is a large winter wolf with stark white fur and ice blue eyes. Tolsimir has a long white fur cloak made of the same fur that coats dakota. He wields and elven lightning longsword and has lightning gauntlets on his arms, as well a longbow on his back. Tolsimir is a lord of wolves and his eyes seem almost wolfish in nature. If you find yourself in the white forests of the frostfell and you hear the haunting calls of wolves echo off the snowy mountains, caution yourself. The White Wolf, protector of the forest and lord of all wolves may be near. For those with evil in their heart, the sound is the signaling of their impending demise. Legends say a stormy wind will pick up, obscuring all vision… and then you will see a pair of ice blue eyes… and then another… and then before you know how to react they are the only things you can see surrounding you through the storm, and they will be the last eyes you ever see.

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The story of Tolsimir and Dakota starts with their fathers, Daeavin Wolfblood (The White Storm), and Voja (Last Song). The great white wolf Voja is legendary for being the first wolf to bond with an elf of Celesnia. This great city is somewhere in the mysterious northern forests, hidden deep within the monstrous trees. In the winter it embraces deep and beautiful snow, and in the summer mesmerizing rays of sun burst through the trees above. The people here are very hardy and thrive in all seasons, feeling a spiritual connection to the land and life around them. Each house of Celesnia honors and is watched over by an animal spirit, said to give them each their own supernatural powers (Wolf, Raven, Bear, Owl, Horse, Turtle, Eagle, Snow Leopard, Lion, Unicorn, and Dove). Each class has a tendency towards a certain clan, but is not exclusive to them. Nearly 2,000 years ago the great wolf spirits went beyond the other spirits though, granting the house of Wolfblood and bond thicker than blood with their kind. In Celesnia the wolves have thick ties to the spirit world and are much larger than an average member of their species, if they can still be associated. The factor that makes them so different though is their extraordinary intelligence, humbling even humans. The great Celesnian wolves grant one puppy from each of their litters to the Wolfblood clan, and each elf child between the ages of 5 and 15 is exposed to the puppies of the new season. Each puppy will only bond with one child and be with them for their entire life. When a wolf picks an elf child, he places his paw on the child’s chest and leaves the imprint upon his skin; the spiritual mark creates an extra planar connection between the two linking their minds forever. The first connection ever made in this way was between Daeavin and Voja. Although the magical wolves have natural longevity of nearly 1500 years, being linked with a rider extends their life as long as their bond-brother is alive. The bonded wolves are more intelligent and tame and very social, while the bonded elf gains greater reflexes and strength and a hint of fierce wildness within their heart, making the bonded pair a fierce partnership.
With their great power and benevolent leadership, the elves of Celesnia granted the Wolfblood clan the great responsibility of defending all of Celesnia and enforcing the law upon all. Daeavin was chosen as the leader of the organization and with Voja at his side the Wolf Riders were born. They were respected by all and protected a long span of peace and prosperity, but some of the other clans saw their lesser connection with the spirit world to be a reason for sadness and subtle jealousy had begun to dig tiny roots into the minds of more and more people, but it was a slow growing weed. After watching over his people for nearly 850 years, Daeavin and Voja felt they had brought honor to their name bringing stability to their land and decided it was time to pass on that responsibility to others and adventure throughout distant lands. Daeavin and Voja had a great love for nature and felt extremely at home in the majestic lands of the arctic and so travelled deep into the northern lands of the Frostfell. In this savage and beautiful place they faced fearsome dangers and creatures far larger and more ferocious than anything seen in the lower regions of the world. No danger however could defeat this brotherhood of souls. With Daeavin’s long white hair and the shining white fur of Voja becoming the last sight of many would be attackers, the two became known as The White Storm and Last Song (Deriving from the fact that Voja’s howl was the last song you ever heard).

After many years in the Frostfell, Daeavin and Voja became well known for not only their fighting prowess, but for their compassion and eagerness to help those in need. One day while riding through the tundra, heavy flakes lightly floating from the heavens the blanket the earth, they rode upon a breathtaking lake with a waterfall flowing over a glacier wall underneath a translucent outer layer of ice. Playfully jumping across small chunks of floating ice was a magnificent female winter wolf. Voja’s ears flickered on alert and he focused his sharp eyes on the strange wolf. She moved so gracefully across the ice, and when her paws touched the water it turned into ice beneath her keeping her large and lean body forever above the rippling waves. The source of her playfulness then became clear when a womanly figure float from under the floating ice. She was nearly as pale as the ice she swam under and her skin shined like the smoothest diamond. She was the most beautiful creature Daeavin had ever seen in all of the world. Her wet hair fell behind her and had a blondish green tint to it and she wore nothing other than a diaphanous shawl. She moved gracefully below the waves and swam as if she was part of the water. The wolf followed her above the lake and they seemed to be playing with each other. Then the woman starting to sing in the most breathtakingly joyous and beautiful voice that could ever be heard. She floated through the water releasing her melodious call that could only be described as ecstasy. The wolf paused and listened for a time before releasing her own song to match the notes of the woman. Voja moved uneasily beneath his saddle and couldn’t help but releasing a small hum, resisting the urge to join the harmony. Both creatures silenced their voices and immediately looked in the direction of the slight sound. When Daeavin’s eyes met the lonely eyes of the woman, he knew it was going to be a moment that would impact his life forever. He would later discover that the woman was a Rusalaka. Rusalaka are female spirits who dwell in lakes, rivers, and streams. Their beguiling song is known to lure men to watery graves. Their clothing is usually nothing more than a gown or shawl, and some Rusalaka go bare skinned. Some believe Rusalaka to be the restless spirits of drowned maidens, tied to the place of their deaths. However, they are in fact water spirits. Most of the time, just one Rusalaka inhabits a body of water, but sometimes a small covey lives in an area. Rusalaka generally lead lonely lives, but some tales indicate that elves and humans sometimes take Rusalaka wives. To ease their loneliness, these fey often use their song to entice men to join them. Some evil or neutral Rusalaka are content to let their victims drown, while good Rusalaka might confer water breathing upon enamored mortals. Relationships between willing mortals and Rusalaka are doomed to end in sadness. The Rusalaka inevitably frees her paramour or forces him to leave by refusing to give him the ability to breathe water when she realizes he is not truly content to live in her world beneath the water’s surface. Few have ever fallen happily in love and past on peacefully into the void. This Rusalaka happened to be one of the unlikely few, and it ended up that she was at one time an Elven woman before becoming an aquatic fey. Her name is unknown to Tolsimir, and the name of the wolf, who would become a mate to Voja, is unknown to Dakota. Daeavin did, however, leave a painting of his lover and soul-mate for his soon to be born son.

This Rusalaka was of the alignment Neutral-Good and fell deeply in love with Daeavin, who was equally in love with her. When Voja and his mate gave birth to a litter of puppies, it seemed Daeavin and his love gave birth to a baby boy at the same time. When one of the puppies, Dakota, chose the boy Tolsimir to be his rider, Daeavin knew he had a responsibility to his son and couldn’t continue to live here. His lover, and now bride, knew this as well, and so Daeavin and Voja took Tolsimir and Dakota back to Celesnia for 26 years, teaching them the ways of the wolf-riders and about everything else there was to teach their boys. One night though, Daeavin and Voja disappeared, leaving only their wolf rider armor and weapons, this painting, and a journal of all their lives after the left Celesnia, with a heartfelt letter telling them that the two had left to rejoin their loves until they grew old and then passed on, and that someday Tolsimir and Dakota must travel deep into the Frostfell and find the lake, for although they would surely have passed on with their loves by the time Tolsimir and Dakota got there, through magic they and their mates were linked to that lake in the world of life and would appear for a short times when their sons arrived until releasing all ties to this world.

This is where the story of Tolsimir and Dakota really begins. Neither of them had any idea their fathers were going to be there one day, teaching them about respect and honor and laughing when they trip over a log during swordplay or slip on a rock while chasing elk over a shallow river, and entirely gone the next day. Their only comforts were the things left behind to them. Over the years they became strong. Tolsimir was a ranger, and a good one, but no one beat him with a longsword. Learning to become a wolf and rider was a long and difficult process filled with challenges both physical and mental. Knowing the difference between right and wrong, mercy and justice, life and death, these things weighed heavily on the minds of the bond brothers. History and philosophy were greatly encouraged, and their training was rigorously monitored by the wolf rider academy. Tolsimir was trained by Zedicus and Brivinir, the old wizard and his dark grey wolf were the old students of Daeavin and Voja. The two of them looked over Tolsimir and Dakota as if they were their own children. Zed, as he was known by the people, was always patient and kind, but continually pushed Tolsimir to his limits. Zed always asked him challenging questions in ways that made him think and look outside the box. There were questions that involved morality where a clear right and wrong was not available; but just as often were situations of overcoming physical obstacles of unexpected ingenuity or mastering battlefield strategy and adapting to new situations. Zed trained him as only a wizard could and Tolsimir began to think as a spellcaster. Dakota was also learning these things. Although he found them less suitable for his taste, the white wolf learned all the same material and worked just as hard, becoming completely in-tune with the mind of his bond-brother. Tolsimir also had to join Dakota on his training with fierce riding through treacherous terrain behind Brivinir and Zedicus. They moved through forests and streams and plains and snow. They followed they scent of a single rabbit through rain and snow and trained their minds to become in sync with their surroundings, sitting quietly in a grove and opening their minds to all sights, smells, and sounds. Toughest of all though was there matched battles against their teachers. The wolves snarled and grappled with each other in ferocious combat, their riders fighting to stay mounted while exchanging sword blows. Not only riding though, they learned to fight side by side exposing and exploiting weaknesses against their enemy and working together to bring down foes neither could face alone. There had never been a pair that had trained as hard as them since the Bonding, but that is because they had something to prove, and a legacy to live up to.

The day Tolsimir and Dakota were admitted into the wolf riders ranks was a proud day for all the Wolfblood clan, seeing the sons of their first leader and founder now picking up the responsibilities of their ancestors. Although they didn’t know it, the two of them would watch over the slow separation of the once harmonious country. Despite continuous effort by not just the young riders, but all in their ranks, the clans rapidly began to resent the authority of the Wolfblood clan. Feeling as though they had far too much power, and being cheated of that same honor, eventually all the clans became separate. Most of these clans isolated themselves, even going as far as building walls to separate themselves from the others. Before the situation had escalated this far, Tolsimir and Dakota had become close friends with an elf ranger from the Horse clan. His name was Zepher. They had been friends for some time and met on a regular basis in the forest to hunt together. Neither had a closer friend among the village and it was becoming increasingly frustrating for them to find they were on opposite ends of a feud, for the Horse clan was leading the opposition against the rule of the wolf riders. As if the gods themselves were condemning the people of Celesnia, at this time of chaos and instability the goblins to the southeast had became organized under one king and had began to move into the forest, slowly swallowing the land in front of them. Normally this would never be aloud, but too many were more concerned over domestic matters and troubles on distant borders were ignored. Zepher had a particular hatred for everything about these creatures; he had never showed such a temper towards any other subject and was usually quite well composed. He became very outspoken against the lawlessness of these beasts and how they were evil that we had to stop. Tolsimir was equally as outspoken, but the roots of his hate stemmed from the unbelievable violation of nature that each goblin step into the forest signified. It almost pained him to see the crimes committed against the earth and all its beauty. It was as if he was watching his soul slowly be attacked bit by bit. In a desperate and passionate move, Tolsimir and Zepher rode into the goblin camp on Dakota and moved through the shadows until within range of an unsuspecting goblin king, filling his goblet with fresh crimson liquid. Zepher was the best archer in all of Celesnia, and he lined up his shot. He pulled his eagle feather arrow back as far as he could pull, until the soft feather moved slightly across his cheek. He felt the smooth wood bend slowly against his weight, and he lined the arrows head with the King’s. Breath…Breath…Hold…Release. The arrow sped through the night and appeared to fly in slow motion as it passed through the firelight. It flew straight through the wooden goblet and continued to travel through the creature’s mouth, implanting itself directly inside the spinal cord, severing all connections between the brain and body. As he fell dead it became chaos, Dakota ran fast but they were in the heart of the camp. The horns of alarm carried faster through the air than the swift wolf. Two riders was slowing him down. As they reached the edge, the goblins were gaining on them with their Worg on all sides except in front. At that moment something became alive in Tolsimir and Dakota, it was something that felt so natural and strangely spiritual… divine was the only word that could be used to describe it. Suddenly they felt completely one with nature, and power from nature burst through them, too powerful to be stored, using Tolsimir as the instrument. Tolsimir turned in the saddle and green light burst from his palm as he lifted his arm into the air, guided by a will not entirely his own. As his arm raised, so too did trees, bushes, vines, and other plants behind them, just in the path of their pursuers. They rose out of the ground and began to attack and entangle all the goblins behind them. Enemies were still closing on the sides. Tolsimir turned back forward and outstretched his arms to both sides. Blue light jumped from his palms and ignited into a stream of blue flames. A stream of blazing blue made a wall of flames too both sides. As the walls rose they changed from the initial blue into a fierce red and burned brightly to illuminate Dakota breaking through the edge of the camp, leaving destruction and chaos behind him. Upon returning to Celesnia, they learned that the goblins were preparing an unorganized, but complete and total attack on the city. Tolsimir and Zepher stood together in front of the people and convinced them that they must be united to fight this menace and drive it from their lands forever. The people, united under one banner for the first time in centuries, charged across the plains as one. The Wolfriders took the lead, breaking through the goblin lines with unmatched fury and discipline. The horses came behind with mounted archers dealing precise mayhem. The rest of the people fought together, coordinating all their unique fighting styles together in a symphony of battle.

With the enemy defeated and the clans once again a single people, Tolsimir, Dakota, and Zepher started what would become a permanent time of peace for Celesnia. The civilization would continue to grow and see a time of unseen glory. After 43 years of leading the riders, Tolsimir and Dakota passed on the mantle for adventure like their fathers before them, knowing that this time the peace was a lasting one, the wolf spirits so admired the courage and valor of Zepher, that his actions inspired them to grant all people of Celesnia a chance to be a wolf rider should a pup choose them, with the Wolfblood clan in charge of teaching and organizing all who would be part of these peace keeper. Tolsimir traveled deep into the wilderness with Zepher in search of adventure, and together he and Dakota were initiated into their true calling, the Druidic Order. It would be a long and difficult journey, but it would not be anything he wasn’t used to in years of training under Zed and Brivinir, who sadly passed just after the Great Rebirth (when the people came together and everyone could join the Wolfriders) and they died happy knowing that their people would prosper in peace. As Tolsimir and Dakota dedicated themselves to their new responsibilities and new powers, Zepher traveled with them on journeys of his own and the three would eventually become part of adventures none of them had ever dreamed of. Tolsimir for one would eventually become a mighty Wolf Lord, and Dakota would be blessed through the spirits of his ancestors with the power of his mother, that of a Winter Wolf. Little did they know dangers to them and those they love would feel fear tremble up their spine in the cold frost as they watched the hot air leave their lips, whispering the words of the wrath they provoked, The White Wolf and Brightfang. As to whatever else happens to them, and what destiny awaits Zepher throughout his journey with his lifelong friends, only time will tell.

Tolsimir Wolfblood

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