A virtuous and noble cleric of Pelor, mounted upon a gallant giant eagle named Apollo


Cadence is a 32 year old man with brown hair and green eyes. He is an intelligent man with a fierce gaze that shows the determination of a man who has seen many things… many atrocities, and many pains. Although he can be lighthearted, everyone can see moments where his intensity blazes through what were once calm green eyes. It was not always so… this is the story of Cadence, of hope, of betrayal, of innocence lost forever, of death…


Seminar 6
Cadence was born into royalty, the eldest son of the McGee family who were the lords of a large city and castle in the city of Gaela. His family was well known as being a fair and just family whose people were very happy with how they ruled their estate. Gaela is a country that appears much as Scotland. It is a huge peninsula connected by a small land bridge to the mainland and is covered in rolling hills of green grass and high mountains. The mountains of Gaela push the moist fog out into the valleys and create a very wet environment. The peaks are famous for having an unusual abundance of Giant Eagles that hunt Elk in the valleys. Cadence as a boy would hike high into the mountains to see these intelligent creatures, and they were not aggressive towards people. In fact Cadence was to always be welcome among the eagles when he saved a baby chick from being eaten by a black bear when the infant was unsuccessful in an attempt to fly from its nest and was stuck on the forest floor. The baby eagle Apollo would always be excited to see Cadence from then on and they became fast friends.

Cadence’s father Patrick was the lord of the land and a great warrior. Despite all of its’ beauties, the land had a blight upon it. At night, in the fogged valleys, swarms of decomposing undead would crawl from the swamps in the forests and ravage the countryside. Every night the people would lock themselves inside, terrified it was one of the nights the undead would rise from the marsh. There were local legends that the undead were servants of an Ancient Black Dragon whose lair could only be reached deep in the infested forest by swimming under the murky water and going through an underwater passage that was the entrance to dark dragons’ underground lair. None of these stories can be confirmed, as no living person has ever returned from that forest bog.
Cadence had a large family and the McGee’s were very proud of it. The crest of the McGee family was an eagle with a sword in front of it flying in front of a rising sun, and the family armory held the McGee shield that bore this insignia, along with the family mace named the Holy Avenger. Patrick had two younger brothers, the middle brother Michael who had a wife named Mariah and a daughter named Bella, and the youngest brother Brennan who was rather reserved. Cadence had four sisters, and was recently engaged to a beautiful young woman who had sailed to Gaela from Orgimmar, Lauren. Her slightly Mediterranean skin and long dark hair caught Cadence’s eye the moment he saw he coming off the ship while he was buying supplies at the coastal city of Kelton. He was love struck and before long the feelings became mutual. They were in love and Cadence was living the perfect life he dreamed of, but this dream was built on a shifting foundation, and an earthquake was on the horizon.
The youngest brother of Patrick, Brennan, saw the current state of the country, constantly pushing back the undead only to fight them again in a matter of weeks or days to be a losing situation. The people saw their continuous victories against the evil as a sign of hope. Brennan saw this as no more than delaying an inevitable defeat. Although losses were low, there were always some, and they would eventually add up. There were only two ways to stop the blight. One path was to find the source of this evil and defeat it, and the other was to find a way to stop it from sending this evil on the people.
On one fateful day he made his decision. Brennan traveled deep into the marsh seeking the source of the evil blight; and find it he did. Brennan encountered the dark dragon in its’ territory and began to form a plot with the creature. The final deal made was that the dragon would put the undead under Brennan’s command who would let them into the city and use them to kill his family, making him the heir to the throne, and then he would lead his men to kill the undead appearing to be the savior of the people who the undead were attacking. The dragon agreed after this he would not send undead anymore as long as he was regularly brought human sacrifices. Brennan agreed.
Cadence was flying in on Apollo towards the city; they had spent a day hunting together as Cadence had promised some three days before. Smoke rose from within the walls, it was tinged red. That was when he heard the screams. “Apollo fly away from here!” Cadence yelled as he leaped of his old friend. The mighty eagle told Cadence to be careful and quickly flapped his great wings towards the mountains as fast as he could. The gates were open; Cadence knew something was terribly wrong. He ran as fast as he could through the high stone walls, his green cape flowing behind him. Dead bodies covered the streets. Lauren. He knew he had to find her. Cadence sprinted to their house, and it became clear as he saw the creatures attacking everyone in the streets that the ones who did this were the undead blight that had tormented them for so long. How did they get in the walls? He threw open the door, three undead were moving towards Lauren. Sean pulled out his sword and roared a battle cry as he moved to stop the creatures. He hit the first one knocking of its’ arm and it screamed in anger as the second one swung at Cadence. He dropped down and kicked it out from under its’ feet. The third one began firing bolts from a crossbow and the bounced off the walls. Cadence threw his sword at the one with the crossbow and it severed the creature at the neck, causing the rotting head to fall to the floor. Cadence picked up a hammer on the stone floor and broke the bodies of the other two undead. Relief washed over Cadence… until he saw the stray bolt that had taken Lauren in the chest. He rushed to her side and held her hand. Her last moments were happy ones as she stared into the eyes of the man she loved, and with a kiss crossed over. Cadence couldn’t breathe. It took him moments that felt like hours to fully accept what had happened, but his love had told him she died happier than she ever lived and that she was at peace, and Cadence took this to heart. He had to find his family. Cadence sheathed his sword and ran back into the streets.
When he made his way up to the royal chambers he through the door open. A hooded man in all black was bringing a sword down into the chest of his father Patrick; it seemed as if it was happening in slow motion. He screamed no, and undead guards jumped on him bringing him to his knees. By this time the hooded figure had already killed his mother, who jumped to the defense of Patrick. Cadence saw his four sisters; it seemed all but the middle sister Katie had died earlier. He also saw his Uncle Michael’s wife and daughter, Mariah and Bella, crouching together in fear but Michael was nowhere to be seen. Cadence wrestled an arm free of one of the undead and three his sword at the man, the blade cut across the left side of his face throwing the hood back and leaving a gruesome gash in his face. It was his Uncle Brennan. Confusion swept over him. He didn’t have time to voice them as his Mabari War Hound, Lietlle, came running through the door and attacked Brennan, knocking aside the undead holding Cadence. He charged in furry but he was grabbed by behind and pulled out of the room. When he turned to meet his attacker he saw it was his Uncle Michael. Michael forced him to run and they made haste out of the city, only detouring to quickly gather the family Mace and Shield from the vault near the castle, as the items represented the history and honor of the McGee family.
Brennan would proceed to gather his men and kill all the undead in the city. The people saw him as their hero and made him lord of the land. The undead never attacked again, but nobody besides Brennan knew it was because he was bringing sacrifices to a Black Dragon, not even Cadence knows to this day the motives behind the atrocity. Michael would go on to train Cadence to avenge his family, but taught him to not let hate invade his heart, and to remember the happy times he spent with his family, and to seek justice to bring honor to their memory, not vengeance to appease his own pain. Michael died of disease some ten years later and made Cadence promise to save Mariah and Bella when he was strong enough. Cadence made a vow that he would, and that he would also recue his sister Katie. Cadence has made new friends who fight for good, and he continues to gain strength until he can go back and face his uncle whose strengths and powers are unknown to him. Little does he know his uncle is only a puppet, and that a much darker draconic power is pulling the strings, but it will be his destiny to face this evil, and either conquer to find the peace he lost so long ago, or die fighting in its name.


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